About Us

About TechInnovate

TechInnovate is a forum which combines resources to catalyse and lead technology innovation by:

  • Delivering the next generation of specially trained Fellows and skilled graduates to the technology marketplace.
  • Identifying new product development opportunities.
  • Providing, developing and proposing commercial opportunities to move an identified domain need forward.
  • Provide research opportunities and spin-out companies in collaboration with domain experts and partnering companies.
  • Building a technology innovation ecosystem that can deliver internationally.

TechInnovate aims to provide unparalleled access to Ireland's leading academic researchers, domain and industry experts while the activity is underpinned by world-class facilities available through the support network. TechInnovate offers two core programmes of activity: the Fellowship Programme and the Industry Training workshops. In 2017/2018, we added a new strand through our Springboard+ course for homemakers, the unemployed and the formerly self-employed.

Innovation Taskforce Report and Innovation 2020

The impetus for the development of this Fellowship Programme has emerged from the Innovation Taskforce Report (section 8.5) [1] which made recommendations inter alia on how to embed product design teaching and research in Ireland's engineering schools and how to shift design education in Ireland to a model where creativity and innovation in product design are encouraged. Within recommendation 8.5 from the Innovation Taskforce Report, it was advised that an industry-higher education institutes (HEI) advisory group on new product design and development be formed to provide a forum for Irish industry, HEIs, professional bodies and Government to agree a national agenda and roadmap for product design and development. The BioInnovate Ireland Fellowship Programme was created as a result of these recommendations, which in turn inspired the development of TechInnovate.

ICT is one of six main enterprise themes highlighed in the Government's "Innovation 2020" strategy document for R&D, science and technology [2], and the document highlights the need to support innovation-driven entrepreneurship in Ireland.

[1] Innovation Taskforce Report, Department of the Taoiseach, Dublin, Ireland, March 2010, ISBN 9781406424966

[2] Innovation 2020 Strategy Document, Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Dublin, Ireland, December 2015 [Link]